Photos from the Road



Girls in kimonos at Meiji-jingu temple

Little girls in kimonos flutter like butterflies on New Year's Day - Meiji-jingu, Tokyo




Photo of Chinese Opera performer in makeup

Peking Opera general-god, his red face the color of virtue - Taipei




Photo of village men and women

Old men in Mao suits watch the hill-tribe girls come down to market - Lijiang, China




Photo of Mickey Mouse in a Mao hat

Capitalism on the make in Yangshuo, China




Photo of man directing traffic with red and green flags

The Human Stoplight - Kunming, China




Photo of Namdaemon Gate

Namdaemon Gate, a misplaced refugee from another millennium - Seoul




Warning sign with a cartoon figure of a man getting shot

Don't mess with Singapore!




Sunbathers and fishing boats

The Thais are gracious and beautiful, island people living island life, watching the farangs run in and out like tide - Krabi




Taj Mahal

There is nothing underwhelming about the Taj Mahal ...




Young Bohemians in front of booksore

Bohemia among the Lost Boys (and girls) of Shakespeare & Co. - Paris


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